The most advanced cheap smart D-7 Pro watch

we know in the modern world there is no need to wear traditional watches.

The Android watches have replaced the old traditional watches. The thing to understand is that everyone can not afford these watches. The watch you are looking at in the picture has so low value that everyone can buy this watch. You can experience all the features of this watch. This watch is made up of high-quality material. Its design is more similar to the apple watch. It has all the functions of costly smartwatches. you can even change the pad of this watch.

The D-7 Pro watch has such a design that you can adjust any color of the pad with it. There is six to seven attractive color of the D-7 Pro watch. Especially red, blue and skin colors have been launched for ladies. Its material is soft and you can use it any time. It is very lightweight and even you will not its weight. The beauty of the D-7 Pro watch is that it supports the wireless charger. you can charge it easily.

You can also connect the D-7 Pro watch with your mobile through the application.

You just scan the bar code through your mobile and turn the blue tooth, your D-7 Pro watch will get connected with your mobile phone. It has a 1.7-inch high-quality display. It has 280 mah power full battery. It got charged in only two hours easily. You can use the D-7 Pro watch up to one week after charging. It has all the features of a support smartwatch.

You can measure your support activities like jogging, basketball, football, and swimming, etc. this will tell you that how much energy you have consumed in your sports activity. and how many calories you have burnt. The D-7 Pro watch does not give you info about the time and date but also gives information about your health just like your health expert. This watch has a heart rate sensor. then you will wear the clock on your wrist, it will give the real-time data of your heartbeat.

The D-7 Pro watch has also a sleep monitoring system. Which checks the user sleep status of the user every day. It gives your information that how much your average sleep time is. you will get amazed that the D-7 Pro watch also gives information about your blood pressure. it also measures the oxygen level of your blood. It covers all the monitoring task of a normal clinic. It give you all real-time data of your health parameter, this will help you to keep you healthy.

It will also give you information about your current and coming weather status.

The D-7 Pro watch has also a motion sensor inside it. although the LCD of the D-7 Pro watch looks black because the sensor light is automatically off when you do not need to watch any activity on it. When you take the watch close to your eye, it led turns on. when you have an important call, and you do have not your phone inside your pocket. Although it has very few options for custom design, by connecting to it the mobile app, you can download unlimited design. in this way, you change the look of the D-7 Pro watch on a daily basis.

Even it has a 3-D motion design. which provides you next level of satisfaction. especially it has wonderful theme options for ladies. The user has no other choice of watch other than this. It has another option for water reminder which saves you from dehydration. when you turn on this option,it will alert after every specific duration of time, that you have time to drink water.

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