The most modern digital lock gadget inside the world

We know that every office and house or even a single room needs a door lock. Even one wants that her residence or office should have a modern lock system. it is because that no one can enter her home or office without his permission. The traditional lock needed keys. it is awesome that if you will open your home door with a fingerprint. The door lock we will discuss is the world’s most modernized lock system. First of all its design is totally futuristic. It looks very beautiful on the door.

The famous electric company Philips has designed the Easy Key Alpha Lock.

It is an electronic lock that has been run by a battery. Its handle can be bush or pulled easily. It is very easy to install this lock system. By using the instruction manual, we can install it easily. Looking towards the features of this lock, this lock can be opened in six different ways. After installing the lock, the user has to connect the lock with the android app. You can control the lock through the mobile app. It got connected with the owner’s mobile phone through Bluetooth.

The owner lock and open the door through fingerprint technology. The user can add all house member’s thumb impressions inside the application of this lock. All the family members can unlock the door through a fingerprint scanning system. Almost more than a hundred people can be added to this system. A touchpad is also added to the feature of this modernized lock. when you touch the lock, the screen got visible. The user can open through and lock the door through the specific code. This code also can be added to the mobile app. Only that person will be able to open the door who have access to the correct code.

The company also provides the MiniCard to the user. This user can unlock the door through his smart card. This card is tiny in size. It can be used as a key chain. To open the lock, the user has to put the card on the touchpad. the door got opened instantly. The body of the lock is made up of high-quality aluminum. It is too much solid that no one can break it easily. It has three layers of solid metal. The traditional lock has one layer for locking while this lock has three layers system. it becomes almost impossible to open the door.

The user does not need the keys to open this door.

You can open this lock-in multiple ways. This lock is available in three different colors Red, Yellow and Black. you can choose the color of the lock which suits your door. The company has added a double battery system to keep the lock-in operation. In case, one battery got failed, the other can keep the lock energized. After charging the lock can be used for almost 10 months. In case, the user does not recharge the battery after 10 months, he can still open the door through the manual key.

The manual key option is added by the company to keep in view the emergency cases. After this battery can be replaced. Only 4-5$ are needed to replace these batteries. This lock can be used with wooden, copper, and iron doors. Its design is very charming that it will lock a part of the door. A human voice system is also inserted inside this lock system. It will guide the user in case he inserted the wrong code.

An anti-theft alarm can also be added to this lock system.

If some tried to open the door forcefully, The lock will beep and alert the owner. If you want to modernize your home security, then this lock will fulfill your needs. The designer of Philips company keeps every single feature inside this lock to ease the user. It is almost perfect in every aspect. It makes it easy and advances your home security systems.



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