Amazing secret facts inside the airplane

Discussion on airplanes is normal, but no one will tell you about the secrets of the airplane. Only pilot and air hostess know about these facts. If someone died during the flight, the air hostess will not inform the other passengers about that death because it can create an uncomfortable situation in an airplane. They just put the body in the rest position on the seat. If people are informed about the dead body, they can move here and there in the flight and it can affect the balance of airplanes.

The next fact is about secret commandos.

Although the security at the airport site is foolproof. It is impossible to take weapons inside the aircraft. however, if someone gets successful in carrying weapons inside the aircraft. it is almost impossible to hijack the aircraft. It is the reason because, in European countries, there are two trained and highly professional commandos inside the aircraft in passengers shape. If there occurs any situation like that, the commandos will capture that man and will handle all the scenarios. It is very amazing that even air hostess and aircraft staff does not know about that commandos. It is called the air marshal service.

The people who travel inside the aircraft have looked a small triangle-shaped hole upside the window glass. This hole has been used the view the aircraft wings completely. The hole has been designed for the pilots. if the pilot senses some problem in the wings of the airplane, he uses this hole to view the fault.

During the crash landing of the airplane, there happen fearful jerks to the airplane.

In some cases, the fire caches the airplane. it happens mostly that after crashlanding the doors of an airplane do not open usually. To handle this situation, there is a smart ax downside to the pilot chair. He can use this ax to break the glass of the door.


There is another amazing secret. The different food is served to the pilot and co-pilot. The reason behind this is that you have to serve different dishes because if food poisoning occurs with one pilot, the other can control the situation.

if someone is locked inside the washroom, and it fails to open the door. There is a rescue button. There is a small-cap present on the surface. By pressing this button, the passenger can open the door. During long flights, the passengers and pilot can usually sleep. one pilot is sleeping and another one is eating or reading a newspaper etc. Because after takeoff, the airplane is on auto mode. The other pilot is on the seat for only caution. Similarly, there is a specific small cabin for pilots who can take a rest in a comfortable environment.



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