Ten Tips for a Successful Book

If you’re an author and you have your first book coming out, it can be scary when you think about how many people will read it—but don’t worry! If you follow these ten simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to making your book a success. Not only that, but your next book will sell even better than the first one, so keep these ideas in mind while you’re writing:-

Write something people want to read

If you want to write and sell more books, it’s important to write something people actually want to read. This seems obvious, but too many aspiring authors miss out on their chances at success by writing something no one wants. Here are some tips: Ask your friends and family members what they’d like to read – think in terms of popular topics or hot topics within your industry.

Write something people want to read
Write something people want to read

Find a publisher who shares your goals

Finding an agent or publisher that agrees with your goals is important. Make sure to ask about their past experiences publishing similar books and how many copies they expect to sell.

It may be surprising, but there are companies who regularly publish books which sell hundreds of thousands of copies – so there is no shortage of places that will help you promote your book if they believe in its potential.

Write more than one good idea in each chapter

Now, I’m not talking about going overboard here. Too many ideas in a single chapter will lead to nothing but confusion. Instead, I want you to put forth at least two ideas per chapter. Why? Simple: your readers want some meat with their bread. They don’t want to read just another book that goes on and on about why something is good for them; they want to know how it can help them specifically.

Publish early and often

One of my favorite pieces of advice I’ve ever received is to publish as much as possible, whether it’s on your website or in an anthology. But each time you publish something and put it out there, you have a chance of gaining some traction and readership—and developing your skills as a writer in the process. 

Don’t rely on Amazon reviews

When your book launches, one of your best sales tools is word-of-mouth. Your friends, family, and fans will not only help you to market your book and create buzz around it—they’ll also be more likely to leave a positive review if they really enjoyed reading it. So never solicit them for reviews—it always comes off as greedy and desperate. Just write great books that people love to read and hope that word-of-mouth will spread from there.

Provide free content with purchase

Instead of filling your book with fluff, you should add content that makes it a valuable resource. For example, if you’re writing about weight loss and you have an exercise plan in mind, provide an exclusive preview of that exercise plan to those who purchase your book.

Make it easy for readers to recommend

Make it easy for your readers to recommend your book by highlighting all of its best qualities. You can do so in several ways: 1) If you want people to be able to learn about and purchase your book with just one click, include a link to buy it on Amazon right in your post.


On one of your social media accounts, such as Facebook or Twitter, create an ad that advertises your book. If you can, give away a free copy to anyone who clicks on it (if they agree to pay shipping). 

Don’t fear failure – learn from it

Let’s face it: writing books is not easy. It takes time, dedication, and perseverance to get your message out into the world. So don’t let failures stop you from moving forward! Learn from them and move on with even more motivation.

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