Why Authors Take a Year to Write a Book

Many people think that it only takes months to write a book, and in some cases, it does.

What does it take to go from idea to publication?

The average person doesn’t think much about how book ideas turn into published books, but there’s a process that goes on behind-the-scenes. Typically, it takes an author a year or more to go from initial idea to finished book. During that time, here are some things that typically happen: The author goes through multiple drafts of their work (usually between 2 and 6 total). They have several meetings with editors and possibly other staff members at their publishing house. They consult with others in different fields who they feel could provide valuable feedback on their manuscript, including experts in the subject matter and other authors who have written books similar to theirs.

Finding your voice

When you’re getting started, it’s important to focus on what matters most: finding your voice and delivering quality work. You are wasting time if you are worrying about things like making a certain amount of money per month, or where your book is going to be ranked, says Smith.

To help ensure that these goals don’t become overwhelming during your publishing journey, plan out milestones along the way. For example, when you’ve finished your book or draft version, celebrate by taking an hour away from writing and do something fun! You deserve it after all that hard work.

Finding your voice
Finding your voice

Thesis idea

Most authors take at least twelve months (and sometimes up to five years) from conceiving an idea for a book, writing it, and publishing it. If you’re looking for how long does it take to write a book, let’s look at why that’s often how long it takes.

After all, many of us are in school or have full-time jobs that only allow us time in our spare time after work and on weekends. And if you have family obligations (like I do), they can eat into your writing time even more quickly.

Research phase

Even reading articles on similar topics can help spark ideas for future chapters or serve as inspiration for new approaches.

Writing phase

First, I brainstorm ideas. Then, I write a first draft based on those ideas. If they return comments within 8 weeks or so, it’s back to revising until those issues are resolved.

Editing phase

During an author’s first draft, he or she usually needs some serious editing. Even if you consider yourself a good writer, your editor will have valuable insight into your work. As an author, remember that it’s easier to take out words than add them back in! Proofreading:

Layout Design Phase

 Research design elements, from font choices to chapter and section headings. Look at other books in your genre, and use them as templates for how you want yours to look.

Cover Design Phase

The first step in writing any book is sitting down and actually starting it. The most common obstacle here is knowing where to start. Begin by picking an idea that excites you (since you’ll be spending many long hours with it). From there, determine what type of book you want to write.

Is it nonfiction or fiction? If it’s nonfiction, do you want it self-help or instruction based? your job as an author will be much easier if you lay out your chapters in advance. You can do just that with easy-to-use software like Outline Pad Pro or Google Docs.

Marketing Phase

1) Market Analysis, 2) Information Gathering, 3) Message Development, 4) Listing of Marketing Ideas. Additional sections are needed for your specific project such as Building Websites and Social Media Accounts and Tools & Apps (A detailed outline will be provided).

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